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Get Lightning McQueen to the finish line in this Piston Cup Pixar Cars video game

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In the Cars Demo, users can have a lot of fun playing as Lightning McQueen and all the other beloved characters from the hit Disney and Pixar film. While the demo version of the game only gives a glimpse of the fun in the full game, you'll get a taste of the challenges and obstacles that players will face in the full version.

Not only was "Cars" such a hit that it earned a sequel, but the original film actually spawned a spinoff that follows a group of talking planes. The film told the story of a fancy race car stuck in a small town after a mishap. Living in the town eventually taught him that having friends and family by his side was more important than winning any race.

Based upon this lovely storyline, the Cars demo is a great way to keep kids occupied and let them see if they would love and enjoy the full version of the game. However, you might find yourself taking Lightning McQueen out for a spin yourself. It takes place in Radiator Springs, which is the same city featured in the films. Many of the same actors from the movie came back to voice their characters in the game.

The full game follows a story that requires players to finish a certain number of races to help Lightning win the championship again. Though the demo version doesn't let you spend a lot of time racing, it does let you have some fun checking out Radiator Springs. You can play as Lightning McQueen and wander through the town and the surrounding Ornament Valley. Players get the chance to find Bolt Icons hidden throughout the land and complete mini-challenges to earn bonus points, which can be traded in for other items. As long as you like the film series, you'll probably like this demo.

Downloading a demo is a simple way to save money. Why purchase a full version of the game if your kids will only play it a few times before forgetting about it? If your children love playing the game and want to learn more about Radiator Springs, you'll know that you need to snag a copy of the full game and it will be a worthwhile investment. The demo comes with several mini games and offers a look at some of the races available in those games. You get the chance to take Lightning out on the track and see how he performs, but you'll also have the chance to explore some of the fun smaller games. Though this game only offers a few of the features you might find in the full version, you'll love knowing what to expect in the full game by giving this demo a try.


  • Gives you a taste of the full game
  • Features both racing games and mini strategy games
  • Highlights ten characters from the film


  • Demo offers limited action and scenes
  • Doesn't mention any events from the second film
  • May bore older players

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